LEGO 10734 Juniors Demolition Site
Be part of the LEGO City construction crew! Set up the roadblock, get behind the wheel of the dump t..
LEGO 10751 City Mountain Police Chase
Jump in the police helicopter for a Mountain Police Chase and catch the crook before he escapes on h..
LEGO 42062 City Container Yard
Shift heavy freight with the LEGO Technic Container Yard, featuring an articulated truck, detachable..
LEGO 60103 City Airport Air Show
Grab your binoculars for a great show! Check out the cool jets and the neat old-fashioned plane befo..
LEGO 60110 City Fire Station
Help the firefighters get the truck and helicopter loaded with gear! It's lunchtime, so take a slide..
LEGO 60123 City Volcano Supply Helicopter
Take science and discovery to new heights with the Volcano Supply Helicopter. Finding more boulders ..
LEGO 60124 City Volcano Exploration Base
Help the scientists and explorers discover new information about the volcano! Find a spot to set up ..
LEGO 60134 City Town Fun in the Park People Pack
Meet a bunch of new people spending a beautiful day in the park! Help the father watch his baby, whi..
LEGO 60137 City Tow Truck Trouble
Make a plan between the motorcycle officers to stop the crook! Jump on the police off-road bike or p..
LEGO 60138 City High Speed Chase
Red alert! The crook has stolen money and gold and is racing out of town in a stolen sports car. Hop..
LEGO 60151 City Dragster Transporter
Load up the Dragster Transporter and head out to the track, featuring a truck with trailer, dragster..
LEGO 60153 City People Pack Fun at the Beach
Enjoy fun on the beach with this great collection of LEGO City residents, plus a lifeguard tower, ic..
LEGO 60154 City Bus Station
Catch a ride downtown on the LEGO City Bus, featuring opening front and side doors, wheelchair acces..
LEGO 60158 City Jungle Cargo Helicopter
Fly deep into the LEGO City jungle and make a cool discovery! Swoop in with the helicopter and use t..
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